City of Southampton: Global Grant for Community Development 2022


October 6, 2021


Citizens’ ideas sought for the City of Southampton Community Development Block Grant in 2022

The city of Southampton expects to receive approximately $ 250,000 in federal block grants for community development. These funds can be used, and have been used in the past, for a variety of projects targeting income-skilled people and census tracts in low-moderate income areas. Citizens wishing to express their views on how this funding should be spent can speak at the public hearing and / or submit written comments for the case.

Eligible activities include:

● Economic development ● Removal of physical barriers for people with disabilities

● Public service activities ● Rehabilitation of housing

● Street improvements ● Public equipment and improvements

Residents of the City of Southampton are invited to attend this public hearing on October 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM at Southampton Town Hall; 116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY, to express the opinions of citizens on the development of the local community must be satisfied with these funds.

ADDITIONAL NOTICE: Due to public health and safety concerns related to Covid-19, Southampton City Council will not be meeting in person. Pursuant to Chapter 417 of the Laws of 2021, the city council meeting will be held via video conference and a transcript will be provided at a later date. The public will have the opportunity to see and hear the meeting live and provide feedback. The public can watch the meeting live online at the City of Southampton website, through the City Clerk’s Meeting Portal, via You Tube or through the Zoom app. Members of the public wishing to provide feedback can call during the meeting by phone or Zoom; Comments can also be emailed up to one hour before the start of the meeting to the Clerk: [email protected] The file will remain open after the public hearing for the submission of written comments.

CDBG applications are available on the Housing and Community Development page of the city’s website at or at the Town Hall Housing Office. All proposals should be mailed by Friday October 22, 2021. For more information call (631) 702-1731.

  1. Community Development Block Grant Fund Instructions and Requirements (PDF)
  2. Block Grant Fund for Community Development – Application 2022 (PDF)
  3. LEGAL NOTICE – CDBG Public Hearing Financing 2022

This press release was produced by the city of southampton. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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