City Council: Public Hearing Held to Discuss Community Development Block Grant Programs


The Athens City Council met on Monday to hold a public hearing regarding the Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG, programs and to hear coinciding orders on annual street paving projects for 2022.

Council Chair Christine Knisely said the money for the CDBG program comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, and is then distributed through the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Community Development Office. .

Knisely said Athens is working with the Hocking Athens Perry Community Action Program, or HAPCAP, and other city employees to apply for program funding such as the stipend program and critical infrastructure programs.

She said the stipend program has been successful in the past but is now on the way out. A smaller grant will be awarded this year at approximately $150,000, and the Critical Infrastructure Grant has up to $500,000 available.

Services safety director Andy Stone said the stipend program was uncompetitive because it was population-specific.

“Now that that’s going away, we’re going to compete against these other programs, or against other communities, to try to be successful on some of the other bigger programs that CDBG has to offer,” Stone said.

The proceeding also heard an order that would allow the mayor to apply for CDBG programs and an order authorizing the street paving and reconstruction project for the 2022 program year.


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