Broome County stakeholders hold ‘Tenant Rights Training’, educating people on their rights after the state’s eviction moratorium ends


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Following the expiration of the state’s eviction moratorium on Jan. 15 — a Housing Justice Coalition is helping to educate residents in the community about their rights as tenants.

Broome County Stakeholders held their “Tenant Rights Training” on Monday January 24 to inform tenants of some of the protections they still have to avoid eviction. Nate Hotchkiss of Broome County Stakeholders said educating tenants about their rights will help address the housing crisis in the community.

“One of the biggest barriers to fair housing in Binghamton and throughout Broome County is simply the lack of sufficient knowledge about tenants’ rights,” he said.

Willa Payne of Central NY Legal Services shared her legal knowledge at the event to inform tenants of their various rights. Payne said that even though the eviction moratorium has expired, tenants should not self-evict.

“After the moratorium expires, the only time you have to leave your home is after you receive a warrant,” Payne said. “It can only be served by a sheriff or constable, and after 14 days have passed.”

Payne said there are still COVID-related protections that help tenants. She said tenants also had expanded rights under the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act 2019.

“There are still two main protections that are in place – that’s the Tenant Safe Harbor Act and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program,” Payne said.

To benefit from TSHA protections, tenants must bring it to the attention of the court and provide proof of financial hardship during the COVID-19 period from March 2020 to January 15, 2022.

Tenants can apply for PARE by calling the 2-1-1 Helpline or by following this link here.


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