Brandeis Broncos cheerleaders talk about community involvement | Spirit Squad



Here’s why Brandeis was named Spirit Squad of the Week by KENS 5.

SAN ANTONIO – The team is more than just a group of cheerleaders in Brandeis … but leaders for their peers and their community.

“I think we can go out and improve the community around us by going out and supporting other teams, not only when we are cheerleaders, but even on weekends,” said Sanaa Johnson, senior captain of Brandis.

Brandeis culture is an integral part of the Bronco Nation and a way of life that is encouraged on and off campus.

“It reflects a lot of the individuals we are and the type of team we are when we show up at community service events,” said Iliana Singh, Brandeis senior co-captain.

The Broncos also physically help the community where it’s needed.

“Or even helping the community by picking up the trash, or going to the food bank or the diaper bank and giving them our time,” Johnson said.

The team wants to leave a legacy for their school and their district.

“It reflects the type of people we are and know that we are always involved in our community and make our peers around us better people,” Singh said.

“I just think it’s really important for us to have something to hold onto in the future and for future generations,” Johnson said.

Congratulations ladies, you are the spirit team of the week!



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