ASHMA Begins 2022 Community Engagement

Ashma social community


The Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) has begun its 2022 community engagement with some key stakeholders.
The pledge serves as a feedback and reporting mechanism to ensure public officials interact with voters.

The 2022 Community Engagement in Ashaiman brought together key players from the informal sector at Ashaiman’s main market in the Blakpatsona electoral area under the jurisdiction of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly.

Mr. Albert Boakye Okyere, Chief Municipal Executive of Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA), encouraged residents to trust the Municipal Assembly, saying it remains the only parastatal public enterprise set up to manage the welfare of the population at the local government level.

Mr Okyere said there have been several reports of some people, who are extorting money from unsuspecting traders in the various malls in the municipality, pointing out that security officials have been briefed on their activities criminals and the strategy developed to deal with the perpetrators.

He said the Assembly, together with the district police command and other security officers, will continue to ensure that Ashaiman can operate safely.

“Ashaiman cannot be the haunt of criminals, we will drive them out of our jurisdiction,” Mr. Okyere stressed.
He said the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly was the only institution mandated by law to mobilize revenue from merchants and business entities operating within the jurisdiction of the Assembly to bring development to the doorsteps of the people.

Mr Okyere advised shopkeepers and business operators to demand receipts from public officials every time they pay for services, saying such a move would help identify and arrest non-commissioned officers, who extort money. money to merchants in the municipality.

He said the Assembly, apart from collecting revenue from the people, as part of its mandate, could help facilitate loans for traders and businesses to boost their operations.

The municipal chief executive of Ashaiman said most of the markets in the Ashaiman enclave would receive a facelift to stimulate investor interest and ensure rapid development.

Mrs. Patricia Ayaba from Queenmother Ashaiman Main Market expressed her gratitude to the Municipal Assembly for their commitment to the progress of the district.

She said the move was the first of its kind, adding that the City Assembly must continue to have constant interactions with stakeholders to build a resilient and thriving shopping mall in Ashaiman.
Participants included traders, truck pushers, drivers, hawkers and artisans, among other informal sector workers.

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