All the Questions to Ask About Fast Personal Credit

To finance a project, or simply to build up a little cash, the personal loan is a choice that should not be a problem. In fact, formulas adapted to your needs exist and the repayment terms can be very flexible, as are the conditions for obtaining credit. But before signing a loan contract, certain steps should be taken so as not to have unpleasant surprises throughout the term of the loan.


What is personal credit without proof?

personal credit without proof?

It is a bank credit formula which is intended above all for the financing of a personal project. Considered part of consumer loans, it is said without proof, because you do not need to justify the reasons for your approach.

The amount you will receive can therefore be used for just about everything, as long as you do not spend it at the casino … which is radically different from the loan affected. Even if the latter is also a form of consumer loan, it requires you to provide the destination of the funds you request in advance (vehicle purchase, work, etc.)


Why should I choose a personal loan without proof?

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Nothing imposes it on you, but this type of loan still has serious arguments that are sure to seduce you. First of all, it is extremely fast to obtain credit and the loan terms can be flexible.

In fact, the application procedures require less process, because the obligation to provide proof of your project is not required. So you keep your privacy, without any intrusion from the bank or the credit institution.


How to get this type of credit?

credit type of credit?

The personal loan is flexible, of course, but obtaining it must meet specific conditions. The first thing the financial chain will require of you is your creditworthiness. Your financial health will therefore determine whether there will be a (favorable) follow-up to your request or not.

Verification of your income, your ability to repay… so many parameters that banks comb through before committing to a client. The most important point, surely, is your debt ratio. Remember, this rate should not exceed 33% of your income.

To calculate it, the bank takes into account all your fixed or one-off charges such as your current loans, your rent and the school fees of your children. If you want to have a personal loan, these charges should in no case exceed a third of your monthly income.

The request for a personal credit without proof can be done online. This will save you time and quickly respond to your request. Generally, you get a response in principle from the credit organization, within 24 hours of sending your request.

But before applying for a loan, it is strongly advised to make a credit simulation in order to have a clear view on your financial situation if you decide to apply for a loan.