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The public is invited to attend an upcoming meeting of a regional government agency based in Madison County where taxpayers’ money can be spent.

WHAT: Norfolk City Council business meeting.

WHEN: Monday, July 18, 4 p.m.

WHERE: Norfolk City Council Chambers, 309 N. Fifth St.

Norfolk City Council has scheduled a working session to discuss the Norfolk Airport Strategic Plan and temporary emergency accommodation. Work sessions are designed to gather information and do not include formal action.

WHAT: Norfolk Community Development Agency.

WHEN: Monday, July 18, 5:15 p.m.

WHERE: Norfolk City Council Chambers, 309 N. Fifth St.

Mayor Josh Moenning and Norfolk City Council are made up of the Community Development Agency (CDA), one of three government agencies that reviews projects for tax raise funding.

CDA to consider resolutions related to McIntosh Family Redevelopment Contract, Granville Custom Homes Redevelopment Contract, Bradford Business Park Project Contract, Medelmans Lake Redevelopment Project, Legacy Bend Redevelopment Project, at the Nor-Park Development Redevelopment Agreement, at the Grand Theater Redevelopment Project, the Norfolk Extended Accommodation Project and another project for the Legacy Bend Redevelopment Project.

WHAT: Norfolk City Council.

WHEN: Monday, July 18, 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Norfolk City Council Chambers, 309 N. Fifth St.


— Ordinance 5794 amending the city code to extend the time period from 30 days to 90 days in which a homeowner must construct or repair a sidewalk after receiving a notice to do so from the city, and to include an alternative for providing proof (within 90 days) of a written contract for the construction or repair of a sidewalk. This ordinance is separate from ordinance 5793 which passed, as amended, on first reading at the July 5 meeting.

– Ordinance 5793 amending the city code to extend the time from 30 days to 90 days that a homeowner must construct, repair, or be under written contract to repair a sidewalk after receiving notice to do so from the city . The ordinance was passed on first reading, as amended on July 5. Based on the proposal of Order 5794, staff recommends that this order be denied.

– Consideration of an agreement with Norfolk Crush and the City of Norfolk to extend water and sewer north approximately 3,200 feet to Nucor Road along North Victory Road from its current termination points at about 500 feet south of Industrial Road.

— Consideration of approval of an Engineering Design Build Services contract with Olsson Inc. for the Northeast Industrial Utilities Extension — 2022 Victory Road, South of the Industrial Highway to East Nucor Road, for an amount not exceeding $199,270.

— Review of Ordinance 5795 annexing a parcel of land generally southeast of the intersection of Route 35 and Benjamin Avenue East.

— Consideration of a consultant agreement with Toole Design Group for Complete Streets Grant Services for an amount not exceeding $4,000.

— Review of a design-build services agreement with Olsson Inc. for due diligence and site planning services for a 230-acre area located at the northeast corner of Victory Road and East Avenue Eisenhower. The total cost of the project is $53,900 and is funded by a site preparation assistance grant from the NPPD and the City of Norfolk

– Review of Ordinance 5796 authorizing the issuance of Special Valuation Bond Advance Notes in a principal amount not to exceed $225,000 for Water District 127.

— Consideration of a resolution allowing Orphan Grain Train to place temporary emergency accommodation on its properties at addresses 306 and 310 S. Seventh St. in Norfolk.

– Review of Ordinance 5797 to suspend certain applicable sections of the city code dealing with zoning and building requirements, to allow placement of temporary emergency housing on private property located at 306 and 310 S. Seventh Street .

Remember that government works best when citizens are informed and involved. Attending public meetings of government agencies is a great way to do this.


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