A Red Cross Red Crescent guide to community engagement and accountability – Global



This guide is written for National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, as well as the IFRC, ICRC and Partner National Societies working with them. It is relevant for anyone wishing to strengthen the way they engage communities in their work and can be used by any sector. It provides guidance and tools for adopting a more systematic and reliable approach to community engagement and accountability. It does not replace existing good practice, but rather helps fill gaps or weaknesses where they exist. Case studies are included throughout the document, highlighting examples of good practice (and caveats) from across the Movement. Practical tools and training modules support this guide, which are linked throughout.

This guide is organized into seven modules, which can be used individually as needed:

Unit 1: Introduction provides an overview of community engagement and accountability and how it supports the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent, including different roles and responsibilities and broader trends in the humanitarian sector.

Module 2: Movement-wide commitments presents the Community Engagement and Accountability Commitments adopted at the 2019 Council of Delegates.

Module 3: Institutionalization explains why it’s important to build community engagement and accountability into policies, procedures and ways of working, with tips and tools on how to do it.

Module 4: Integration into programs describes the minimum actions to achieve good community engagement throughout the program cycle, with guidance and tools on how to implement each action.

Module 5: Community Engagement in Emergencies explains how to achieve a good level of community engagement when there is greater urgency, less time and often more complexity.

Module 6: Community Feedback Mechanisms provides step-by-step guidance on how to set up community feedback mechanisms as part of a program, operation, or as part of institutionalization.

Module 7: Working with closely related sectors focuses on the links between community engagement and accountability and protection, gender and inclusion and behavior change and risk communication and explains how these areas should work better together.

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This is the second edition of the Red Cross Red Crescent Guide to Community Engagement and Accountability. It has been revised and updated based on experience and lessons learned since the pilot version was launched in 2016. This version will be field tested throughout 2021 and refined and finalized in 2022, so please share your feedback on this guide and how we can make it more useful, practical and easy to use. Send your comments to [email protected]


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