2022 Training Camp Questions: Could Benny Snell Jr. end up being a weird man in the RB room?


Guess what, people. It’s time for training camp. And that means it’s time for training camp questions. For the first time since 2019, the Pittsburgh Steelers are actually back at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe after being forced to stay in Pittsburgh, where they held their last two training camps inside the formerly known ground. under the Heinz name.

Even though the Steelers are back on very familiar ground, specifically Chuck Noll Field, this is an exceptionally certain training camp. After all, they haven’t had a real quarterback battle in a few decades, but now they have one with Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph.

We have yet another new offensive line, with some incoming veterans in James Daniels and Mason Cole. Myles Jack is inside linebacker, replacing Joe Schobert, and we’ll have to see if Devin Bush can get back to form after last year’s dismal performance.

There’s still so much going on, and boot camp will only create more questions as it goes along, even as it begins to provide answers. We’ll be covering them here on a daily basis for the community”talk to each otheras Linda Richman might say on Coffee Talk.

Question: Could Benny Snell Jr. end up being the odd man to run back?

Given how the talent on the 90-man roster leans, it seems rather unlikely that the Steelers will manage to carry four halfbacks in addition to three tight ends (potentially including Connor Heyward) as well as fullback Derek Watt.

With the limited number of roster spots available, and given that Najee Harris is the only running back on the roster who is reasonably established, one has to start wondering just how good Benny Snell Jr.’s roster spot is. is or will be secure. a few weeks from now.

The fourth-year veteran, to be fair, didn’t play in the preseason opener and therefore didn’t get the opportunity to feature in the same game that Anthony McFarland, Jaylen Warren and Master Teague III have all shown some potential.

McFarland is a player the Steelers have been waiting to develop for a few years now. Warren is an undrafted rookie who’s gotten (mostly) positive attention since the pads arrived, and he showed why on Saturday night.

Could McFarland and Warren end up being the two halfbacks supporting Harris this year? Obviously neither of them have a place on the locked roster by any stretch of the imagination, but the more relevant question is how close is Snell to having a place on the locked roster ?

Presumably, he’ll be back on the court this week and ready to continue proving himself in the Steelers’ next preseason game. It’s easy to look bad and lose ground, at least in the public eye, when you’re away and your peers do well in your absence.


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